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The lime tree represents the LIME Light Community working as a cohesive unit toward the goal of producing fruits. These fruits are touched and transformed lives.


Roots are the basic cause, source, or origin of something, and the LIME team is the origin of LIME Light Outreach.


Just as a tree trunk supports the overall tree, the sponsors, donors, and volunteers of LIME Light support the outreach and make it possible to fulfill the LIME Light mission.


The branch of a tree is an extension of its trunk and is how a tree is able to bear its fruit. LIME Light’s campaigns are an extension of LIME’s supporters’ generosity and are the means in which lives are changed.


Just as a lime tree’s purpose is to produce fruit, the purpose of LIME Light Outreach is to produce fruit in the form of changed and impacted lives.


“They say God will show you signs that he is with you. I never doubted that he was but Lime Light Outreach was just 1 of those signs.” The Connor families 18 month old daughter was 1 week removed from open heart surgery when God placed Lime Light in front of the Connors on an unsuspecting day. The family saw this encounter as a reminder that God was and still is walking with them on this journey.”